Ana_mom_Jenny_bikecopyMultiple projects, large and small, by faculty and students are supported through CEC-RAP.

Specific studies currently underway include:

  • Investigation of web based coaching to increase use of problem solving and reflective practices with caregivers
  • Evaluation of coaching strategies for child and caregiver outcomes in early intervention
  • Teaming practices of early intervention providers
  • Accessibility of library services for individuals with autism
  • Impact of a systemic coaching approach for caregiver’s on fidelity implementation of embedded intervention
  • Social validity of family guided routines based intervention
  • Gesture intervention for young prelinguistic children

IA-DMM – Distance Mentoring Model

Iowa Distance Mentoring Model (IA-DMM) is designed to support the development of peer mentors and team coaches, focusing on the use of technology to increase fidelity of implementation of FGRBI.

Autism Navigatorâ„¢

Autism Navigator is a collaboration between the Autism Institute, College of Medicine and CEC-RAP to develop and study a multimedia interactive web-based professional development course for early intervention providers on the early identification and intervention for toddlers with ASD.

EPIC – Embedded Practiced and Intervention with Caregivers

Embedded Practices and Intervention with Caregivers is a collaboration between Florida State University, University of Florida and University of Illinois – Chicago to study the implementation of a process to support parents of young children with severe disabilities to embed intervention in everyday routines and activities.