The mission of the CEC-RAP Center

An expanding body of research supports the importance of early intervention/education for young children with special needs and their families. The Communication and Early Childhood Research and Practice Center (CEC-RAP) is designed to promote interdisciplinary contributions to the field of early intervention/education for young children with disabilities, communication disorders, and/or multiple risks. CEC-RAP focuses on the continued expansion of research, personnel preparation, and service delivery through collaboration with interrelated projects.

The major goals of the CEC-RAP Center

To be recognized as a major national source of research and personal development in early intervention/education for children with developmental delays and disabilities, communication disorders or multiple risks, CEC-RAP will:

  1. Have continuity, diversity, and growth of funding sources from governmental and private sources for research and demonstration,
  2. Offer funded personnel preparation programs for graduate students (master’s and doctoral) that will foster recruitment of the best scholars,
  3. Invest in undergraduate research, leadership and service learning opportunities that promote  the future of the Center,
  4. Foster interdisciplinary and interagency collaboration in early childhood policy and program development within an engaged community, and
  5. Develop and maintain model programs for research and professional development.